Estimation, Quoting and Ordering 24x7x365

  • Accuracy: Over 23 years of experience and consultation with industry experts has gone into developing an estimation engine that can surprise even the best human estimator. The Open Print estimation system takes advantage of today's modern computer technology to perform all of the calculations necessary to provide the most accurate quote possible. Calculations are performed on all available equipment, using all possible impositions and the most efficient and cost effective method of producing the project is chosen.
  • Multiple Quantities: The Open Print estimator allows you to quote up to three quantities independently, providing an accurate quote for each. Other systems may provide 3 quantities however they do all their calculations based on the first, and simply multiply for the rest. Open Print provides the optimal layout and press selection for each quantity independent of the other quantities.
  • Interface: The Open Print user interface has been designed to provide the quickest and easiest way to estimate, quote and order your project. It scales to make optimal use of both small (mobile devices) and large desktop browsers. It has also been designed to be highly configurable so that it can be customized to give your company a unique look, as well as targeting your clients be they trade or commercial, print experts or novices.
  • Shipping: Open Print can provide instant estimates for UPS, Fedex and other freight services.