Open Print's workflow system provides a complete production process starting once the order has been placed by the customer and finishing with the customer receiving the final product. The process has been divided into specific stages, each with its own interface which is designed to address the specific needs of the production staff. The stages are as follows:

  • Prepress: Once the order has been entered into the Open Print database, it has a production status of 'In Production'. The Prepress Workflow manages the docket through the following stages 'In Prepress', 'Proofs Out', 'Waiting For Customer Approval','Waiting For QA Approval','Approved'.
  • Printing: Once the docket becomes approved, it is automatically entered into the press schedule. The Press Workflow manages the docket through the following stages: 'Approved', 'Printing','Waiting For Press Approval','Printed'.
  • Bindery: Once the docket has been printed, it is automatically entered into the bindery schedule. The Bindery Workflow manages the docket through the following stages: 'Printed', 'In Bindery', 'Waiting For Pickup','Waiting for Shipping'.
  • Shipping/Pickup: Depending on whether the customer has selected shipping in their order; after bindery the project will be in either the "Waiting For Shipping" or "Waiting For Pickup" stages. The Shipping/Pickup stage manages either collecting the customer's signature upon pickup, or the entering of tracking or other information related to shipping.

Online Approvals

As part of the prepress workflow, Open Print provides an online approval and signoff system. When changes and additional charges are necessary, email notifications get sent out, and the client can go online, download and view PDF proofs, and then sign off, all online. This system is also used to provide proof of pickup in your shipping department.